1 Day Business Continuity Metrics Overview




Course Description

Are you looking to implement or update a metrics program? You should – sound metrics help business continuity professionals communicate the true capabilities of their continuity management programs by defining program milestones, expected results, and other much needed data. This course will show you not only how to calculate that data, but also how to effectively communicate your findings and strategies with the right audience.


  • Raise awareness of the usefulness of metrics
  • Provide examples of metrics in the workplace
  • Suggest guidelines for how to implement a metrics program in the workplace
  • Educate practitioners in planning and executing data collections
  • Secure executive approval of metrics report content
  • Set deliverables of metrics report content

Course Outline

+Lesson 1: Introduction Course Goals and Objectives

  • Review course goals, objectives
  • Explore the challenges professionals encounter using metrics to manage business continuity management (BCM) programs

+Lesson 2: General Metrics

  • Learn various types of metrics and the effective usage of BCM metrics for BCM program management and reporting
  • Review six specific BCM metrics, study their application using a case study of a hypothetical organization, and discuss the concepts behind developing BCM metrics
  • Study the use of dashboards to effectively represent the status a BCM program

+Lesson 3: Implementation and Tracking

  • Learn how to use BCM metrics to inform management of program status
  • Review and discuss the case study you will use for an exercise, applying what you have learned to measure aspects of the hypothetical organization
  • Explore various tools that can be used to develop BCM metrics

+Lesson 4: Review for Real-world Application

  • Review what you have learned and discuss how you might incorporate metrics into your BCM program

Who Should Attend?

BC/DR Coordinators, Project Team, Business Process Owners

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