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Crisis communication plays an important role in any disasters and catastrophic events, from the initial response to the eventual lock down, denial of access, product recall etc and apprehension. While acts of violence are unfortunately increasing in frequency, preparation, planning, and swift response can mitigate loss. What best practices can we do to mitigate the impact of an event should it strike?

This training highlights on how efforts should be taken by a company / entity to communicate with the media, public and stakeholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the entity / company’s reputation.

The crisis communications plan is developed collaboratively with the company / entity’s public information and internal information resources where they exist to ensure consistency of the entity’s communications. The plan will address the need for effective and timely communication between the organization / entity and all the stakeholders impacted by an event or involved during the response and recovery efforts.

This workshop provides the framework to identify, develop, communicate and exercise a crisis communications plan to address how communication will be handled by the entity before, during and after an event.
Outlines and Agenda
Outlines and Agenda

• Why Crisis Communication

• Establish a Crisis Communication Program

• Identify stakeholders

• Develop processes and procedures to establish crisis communication programs

• Develop key messages

• Identify your audience

• Purpose and elements of crisis communication plan

• Communicate and train stakeholders on roles and responsibilities

• Identify most effective methods for communicating with stakeholders

• Provide the media with information

• Exercise, improve and update the Crisis Communication Plan

• Guiding principles for crisis communication

• Crisis communication roles

• Crisis communication checklist

• Classroom discussion and/or case study discussion

Who Should Attend?
Senior Management, BC/DR Coordinator, Corporate Communication Team, HODs, Business & Process Owners.

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