2-Day Crisis Management Plan Workshop




Course Description

Many organizations devote substantial time and resources to risk management. But there’s a place where the predictable gives way to the unpredictable – and a risk, or combination of risks, turn into crisis.

Organizations need a range of capabilities to manage crisis effectively, including clear command structures, effective information management, common situational awareness and transparent communication etc.


  • Overview of business continuity management, crisis management plan, risk assessment, stages in managing a crisis
  • Identification, damage assessment, escalation, notification and mobilization procedures, and
  • Pinpoint the challenges of reviewing and coordinating emergency evacuation teams in organizations and external entities, or working with the responsible partners to develop or enhance existing plans.


+Understanding Crisis

  • Overview of Business Continuity Management/li>
  • Sources of Crisis
  • Types of Crisis

+Planning for Crisis Management Program

  • Requirements for Crisis Management and Incident Response
  • Planning Team members
  • Roles and responsibilities of team members

+Risk Assessment and Crisis

  • Challenges in Preparing for Incident Response and Crisis Management
  • Suggested Strategies to Address Challenges to Crisis Preparation
    Developing Crisis Management Plan

+Developing Crisis Management Plan

  • Components of a Crisis Management Plan
  • Crisis Management Teamn

+Overview of establishing a Crisis Communication Plan

Who Should Attend?

Senior Management, BC/DR Coordinator, Corporate Communication Team, HODs, Business & Process Owners.

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