2 Days
A well written Crisis Plan may fail if it is not periodically tested. This simulation exercise is designed specifically to expose participants to experience through gamified role plays in the simulated heat of incident and crisis response and the actions necessary to manage a crisis for your organization. This exercise aims to allow you to practice your crisis response capability using realistic and engaging scenarios.


Through role plays in the simulated exercise, this allow participants to:

• Identify their readiness to respond to an emergency & crisis in a coordinated, timely and effective manner;

• Understand the orderly procedures for initial response and stabilization of a situation until the arrival of relevant authorities/responders, especially the key roles of CMT and ECC

• Experience collaboration and coordination with relevant external entities and authorities i.e. MKN and other international practices;

• Activate and exercise the developed BC Plan to recover Critical Business Functions (CBFs)

• Managing Insurance Claims, investigation reports, monitoring gap closures from incidents/exercises

• A practical checklist will be provided.



• Overview of Crisis and Emergency Management – From an expert and practitioner’s point of view

• Group identification and preparation for the simulation exercise


• Day 1 Program Review

• Simulation Exercise One

• Exercise Debrief

• Simulation Exercise Two

• Presentation of Post Exercise Report

Who Should Attend?
This two-day course is for BC/DR Coordinators / Business Unit Heads / Crisis Management and Support Team / Facility Team / Emergency Response / HR Team / Department and Unit Heads

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