2 Days
This course illustrates the impact that new technologies have on the IT/DR Professional’s role in delivering recovery solutions that best meet increasing demands from service contracts and regulatory requirements. Additionally, through lecture and via examples, attendees will explore selecting strategic alternatives for the IT/DR process; building, testing, and implementing the new IT/DR process; and integrating the BCM and IT/DR functions within an organization.
At the end of this course, attendees will understand the business continuity management (BCM) architecture and discipline; the role of IT/DR within BCM; issues involved with the recovery of technology platforms and data; as well as current and emerging IT/DR technologies (real, virtual, cloud, co-location, hyperconvergence, VDI, “as-a-service” – IaaS / PaaS /SaaS / DaaS / ITaaS / DRaaS, etc., and “software defined” – storage/network/ data center).
Course Outline

Introduction: IT/DR Planning with New DR Technologies

• Introductions

• Definition of IT/DR Terms

• IT/DR Planning with New DR Technologies

• Why We Create IT/DR Plans

• IT/DR Technologies the Participant will Learn

• Single and Multiple Site Problems

Module 1: How to create an IT/DR Project Plan and Gain Management Approval

• Formulating tasks and milestones

• Determining deliverable

• Management approval

• Exercise : Develop an IT/DR project plan

Module 2: Performing a Risk Assessment (RA) and Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

• Risk Assessment and BIA (brief discussion)

• Business area requirements and interdependencies on IT (applications, data storage, network, systems, etc.)

• Recovery Objectives (RTO and RPO)

• Prioritizing applications, servers and systems by RTO and RPO

• Exercise : Develop a BIA subset document specifically for IT

Module 3: Selecting an IT/DR Strategy (Filling the Gap)

• Data backups and restoration options

• Platform recovery options (Systems/Servers and Domains (VMs, LPARs, etc.)

• Network recovery options

• Exercise: Develop an IT Strategies document

Module 4: Developing IT/DR plans

• IT/DR Plan Table of Contents

• Exercise : Develop an IT/DR Plan

Module 5: Intro to New IT/DR Technologies and How They Impact IT/DR Recovery Times

• The Evolving DR Professional’s Role

• Overview of DR Technologies

• The physical and virtual DR processes

• Types of “cloud” environments and services

• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

• Hyperconvergence Technologies

• Software defined environments and data centers

• Cloud computing and networks

• Managing DR and virtual environments

• Exercise: Define a Recovery Technique, formulate a recovery planning strategy and provide a cost/benefit analysis

Who Should Attend?
This two-day course is for business continuity professionals who want to learn how to develop and manage an Information Technology/ Disaster Recovery (IT/DR) program.

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