DRI Malaysia
DRI International (www.drii.org) is the oldest and largest educational and certification not for-profit organization in the world committed to promoting a base of common knowledge on the subject of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Resilience Management. DRII was established in 1988.
DRI Malaysia (www.dri-malaysia.org) was established in 2008 to promote and complement
DRI International's professional copyrighted BCM certification programs and practical workshops in ASEAN particularly Malaysia. All our programs are conducted under the support and guidance of DRI International.
Today, we are the leading educational organization for Business Continuity & Cyber Resilience Management in Malaysia. To date, we have trained more than 5000 industry practitioners on Continuity Management
DRI Malaysia is the only BCM training organization that organizes the prestigious Awards of Excellence in the country. This is an industry event that provides a platform to recognize and award contributions and hardwork of BCM professionals and practitioners.
DRI Malaysia is the only BCM organization established in 2008 to serve the industry more professionally with physical presence and dynamic team
We have a pool of facilitators and trainers coming across industries with minimum 20 years of working experience on continuity management. This ensures quality deliverables and transfer of knowledge & skills to our members and participants
DRI Malaysia Committee is specially set up to provide a strategic bridge between practitioners and the industry with an objective of creating and enhancing BCM awareness and knowledge leading to achieving a more resilient community and nation.
Vision &
• Strives for a more resilient region
• Promote a national base of common knowledge for resilience through education, knowledge sharing, and credentialing.

DRI Malaysia

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Value of
DRI Certifications
Value to You:

Command respect: Certification brings recognition from employers, clients, employees, and peers

Show what you know: Certification demonstrates extensive knowledge and experience

Make more money: DRI Certified Professionals command higher salaries than those who are not certified

Gain competitive edge: DRI certification gives you the advantage in a competitive job market

Leverage an international network: Join a formidable network of experienced professionals Flash your badge: Share your DRI digital badge via social media, email signature, resume for verifiable, real-time recognition

Value to Your Organization:

Responsible stewardship: Employing DRI Certified Professionals demonstrates a commitment to business continuity and key stakeholders.

Professional development: DRI certification requires continuous professional development, signaling a culture of investing in employees

On the same page: Whether planning or responding, DRI Certified Professionals are trained on a common body of knowledge

Independent and instant verification: Certification includes a rigorous testing process, ensuring that individuals are fully-trained and knowledgeable that can be verified instantly through DRI’s digital certification badges.


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