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Fees & Packages

DRI KL2016 Packages

DRI KL2016 Packages – *HRDF Claimable Member Non Member Government Agency
i. Conference + Awards of Excellence RM 2,100 RM 2,400 RM 2,200
ii. Conference + Awards of Excellence + BCLE2000 / BCLE-AUD / RMLE2000 / Master Case Study MBCP RM 11,500 (with ABCP/ ARMP)
RM 12,300 (with CBCP/ CRMP/ CBCA)
RM 10,200 (with MBCP)
RM 11,800 (with ABCP/ ARMP)
RM 12,600 (with CBCP/ CRMP/ CBCA)
RM 11,600 (with ABCP/ ARMP)
RM 12,400 (with CBCP/ CRMP/ CBCA)
iii. Conference + Awards of Excellence +ABCP or ARMP RM 2,400 N/A N/A
iv. Conference + Awards of Excellence + CBCP or CBCA or CRMP RM 3,200 N/A N/A
v. 1 Night Accommodation (optional) RM 500 (Single)
RM 530 (Double)
RM 500 (Single)
RM 530 (Double)
RM 500 (Single)
RM 530 (Double)
  • All prices (RM) are included GST.
  • Application for certifications must take place by 31 January 2017. Payment code will be provided within 2 (two) weeks upon receipt of payment.
  • Package (ii) training must take place in 2016.
  • *Amount of claims is subject to HRDF approved rate on daily basis.