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Marketing & Corporate Sales Executive

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Job Description

Membership, Communication and e-Marketing (MCM)
Manage the Company’s MCM activities and contents ie Newsletter &
Publications, e-Blast, Website, Social Media ie LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Corporate Sales
Build business by identifying and selling the Company’s BCM training products to prospective clients; maintaining good relationships with clients.
Enhance business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industry; researching and analyzing sales options.

Database Management (DBS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Manage the Company’s database (DBS) and CRM strategies and activities.

Events Management
Assisting in overall management of events ie courses, conferences, online webinars, members events, in-house initiatives and any other related events;
To analyze event performance and submit event evaluation report to superior for continual improvement;
To liaise with media, partners and resellers for event sponsorships, media coverage and any other related events marketing activities.

Market Research and Analysis
Conduct market research on BCM trainings, events, activities etc in the market for strategies planning and development from time to time. Such research shall be reported on weekly basis during the team progress meeting.

 Assisting in Strategic Corporate Accounts activities
 Assist to propose, approach and penetrate new industries to introduce relevant programs and events;
Meeting of corporate prospects and presenting DRI’s BCM programs and activities to selected corporate accounts from time to time.

This role is required to submit the following reports to the superior named below once per week and/or per month :

  • Website weekly report to the program director (PD) every Thursday.
  • Enquiries and new contacts listing (local) to the to the PD
  • Market research report to be presented in the weekly progress meeting.
  • Daily back-up (end of the day) on critical processes and weekly back-up (last working day of the week) of all processes.

Any other tasks that are fit and appropriate for the said position and that may be assigned to candidate by his/her superior from time to time

Assistant Manager, Business Continuity Management – UMW Corporation

Job Description

Key Accountabilities:

  • Develop, implement, maintain and manage an enterprise-wide Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Crisis Management framework and program for the UMW Corporation and its Operating Companies. Coordinate Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management initiatives across the Group and its Operating Companies; fostering an ability to manage risks from potential disruption and readiness for devastating business disruptions so that the Group is appropriately prepared for, and can respond to unexpected disruptions to normal activities.


  • Manage the implementation of BCM Program to ensure a consistent approach in managing disruption and resuming critical business functions as recommended by relevant BCM standards and industry best practice (e.g. BS 25999 and ISO 22301).
  • Plan and coordinate all business continuity technical and user testing. The program will run year-round ensuring that all business and operational units and divisions have tested their plans at least annually.
  • Perform risk analyses for functional areas to identify points of vulnerability, single points of failure and identify risk avoidance and mitigation strategies.
  • Develop and implement Crisis Management framework and plan, and develop the scenario for testing of the crisis management capability of the Group.
  • Education and awareness – using whatever method of communication, raise the level of awareness throughout the organisation. Communication to be tailored to suit the audience. Ensure that employees of all levels are aware of their responsibilities before, during and after an event.

Skill requirements

  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in developing and maintaining business continuity programs and crisis management
  • Possess an understanding of business and system operations and the ability to communicate in these areas.
  • In-depth understanding of Business Continuity Management (Business Impact Analysis, Crisis Management Plan, Business Recovery Plan, Business Continuity Plan), governance frameworks and operating risk management.

BCM Manager – RHB

Job Description

Conduct periodic review and update BCM documentation, continual promoting and enhancing BCM awareness program, analytic assessment and coordinate on escalation, recovery and support activities in response to BCP incident and crisis as to ensure alignment with Group’s strategy, comply with regulatory requirements and alleviate preparedness of the business units to meet and cope with the challenge of disaster/disruptions.

Business Analytics

  • Facilitate and guide business units on the annual Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) exercise to ensure completion and timely submission of BIA&RA in line with regulatory requirement.
  • Conduct BIA&RA workshop to ensure business/functional areas participate and understand the purpose of BIA&RA exercise for an effective BIA&RA exercise.
  • Conduct review and analysis of BIA&RA findings for identification of critical business functions and high risk threats for implementation of business continuity plan and mitigation measures.
  • Compile and consolidate the BIA&RA findings to produce summary reporting to respective business units and senior management for endorsement and approval as per requirement by regulatory body.

BCM Governance

  • Review and update BCM related framework, policies, guidelines, manuals and procedures to ensure contents align with Group’s strategy and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Perform periodic review and update on the emergency/crisis contact listing as to ensure the details are up-to-date for contact purpose when the need arise.

BCM Training & Awareness

  • Provide BCM related training to new & existing staff, appointed BCP coordinators as to create awareness amongst RHB Group’s and enhance their BCM knowledge.
  • Plan, design, develop and review BCM training material, awareness material and online courseware as to be in line with continuous BCM enhancement and to promote self-learning and assessment.
  • Plan, design, develop and conduct crisis/desktop simulation exercise to familiarize them with their roles & responsibilities and process and procedures on BCM programme and incident/crisis response and management.

Incidents / Crisis Management

  • Disseminate information regarding BCP incidents / crisis to the relevant parties including the top management and board of directors as to appraise them on the status and development of the crisis.
  • Assess the cause, situation and impact of BCP incidents / crisis to ensure the situation is within control to prevent any adverse impact on the business and reputation of RHB
  • Coordinate, manage and monitor the recovery team for restoration of critical system/function to ensure the continual provision of essential and critical process within the maximum tolerable downtime.
  • Coordinate with external parties/agencies for assistance on recovery and support needed to response to the emergency event.
  • Conduct post incident review of the BCP incidents / crisis to identify the gaps/ weaknesses and implement measures to address the gaps and enhance the crisis management plan / manual.

BC Continual Improvement

  • Conduct periodic review and discussion on BCM activities as to enhance and simplify the current process and procedures
  • Review audit findings and provide recommendations and implement improvement action plan as continual improvement on BCM.