1 Days
A continuity plan without realistic testing is not only useless – it is also a complete waste of money – Herve Riou

Attendees will learn and apply various techniques to improve the timeliness and quality of the BCM team response. This workshop reviews a variety of testing and exercise programs and how to develop them for your entity and units. Interactive activities will help attendees to enhance the resiliency of their programs. The workshop focuses on the practical approach on testing and exercising a developed BC Plan based on scenario chosen.

Objectives and Deliverable

• Identify legal and regulatory requirements

• Establish an exercise/testing program

• Identify or establish appropriate industry and/or organizational standards

• Communicate exercise/test results, lessons learned and recommendations

• Follow-up on remedial actions and updating arising from exercise/testing conducted

• Classroom exercise and presentation to enhance attendees’ practical knowledge on testing and exercising a BC Plan

Subject Area Overview Synopsis

• Establish an exercise and testing program

• Implement a regular exercise schedule

• Evaluate the on-going state of readiness and continuous improvement to recovery capabilities

Who Should Attend?
BC/DR Coordinators / Business Unit Heads & Representatives

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